A young innocent girl’s world is propelled into threatening danger when she meets Danny van der Linder, Durban’s most feared drug lord. He stops at nothing to own Sophia, wooing her until she ends up living with him in a stunning penthouse apartment overlooking the Indian Ocean. Convincing herself that it is independence she craves, she easily leaves the draconic rule of her father while her mother silently stands by.

Goodbye Danny is a raw, scandalous, and true account of Sophia’s entrapment inside South Africa’s callous underworld.

The only way she can survive is by beating Danny at his own treacherous game, but is she capable?


Reviews for Goodbye Danny

Andrew A: The author has created a compelling opening to their posting. It draws the reader into the story, setting the scene well. 

Vijaypnair: It is interesting, fast paced. My best wishes…

Rammy: I enjoyed the opening. Some of your descriptions were very good, like “besieged by clouds” “dropped my hands like bricks”…

Robbie: It begins with great excitement, energy and pace. You set up the forthcoming story brilliantly. 

SD-Lang: The simplicity of this is appealing. Girl dives in at the deep end. Everything hinges on the choices made by The MC, Sophia. I found her a surprising character.

Linguist69: A good opening, especially the first few pars – gets us right into the story. This is mostly pretty good stuff. The relationships in particular feel very realistic to me. Also I like the ‘voice’ of Sophia even down to the frequent use of ‘Girl’, which somehow manages not to be nauseating. 


This contemporary novel tells the story of Isabella Burne and her poignant search for unconditional love. In its place she attracts obsession, and in her despair, she sinks to the depths of a cold-blooded murderess.

Sinking is a tale for women who have desired a man that is out of bounds.

Isabella is a striking, 21-year-old intelligent student. She is an only child living with her parents in an affluent suburb of Durban. Shy Isabella is tired of living a quiet, protected life. She believes love will set her free and evolves into a compulsive obsessive to achieve her goal.

Reviews for Sinking

Neil-A-Ran: The author’s fluid style, ‘Sinking’ is very easy to read. The narrative voice is strong. The character’s believable and likeable. Nice opening – draws the reader in with a little mystery and intrigue about Isabella’s past life. On the whole, a fine opening.

Oxforia: You do well to keep Isabella’s secret ‘love-bolt’ mysterious without overdoing it, which is an achievement in itself. I had to read on and was disappointed with the 7000 words came to an end…  

Eelly-98: Your chapters open nicely with an intriguing hook which sets up some great momentum and carries on throughout. You have some great lines; I really loved – “I didn’t think I had a cheek left after that. It heated up and melted all the way down my body to my feet.” And “Too much mixed spirits in fruit juice were bombing through my veins.” Your story oozes energy…

BruceBA: I have to say that you write well within your genre. It is very much alive, young and now, no pretensions and no embellishments. If you never mentioned Durban or South Africa I would have guessed – and that takes some skill. You’ve paced your work perfectly, and use of language done expertly (it’s good to hear people speak in an accent I know)… 

JuanDee: A very awesome book!