Cressida Pride grew up in Durban, South Africa. You can take the girl kicking and screaming out of Africa but don’t dare try to take Africa out of the girl. In 2000, Cressida escaped from an abusive and violent ex-boyfriend to hide in London. Hampstead is now her permanent place of residence, and she ventures home as often as possible to embrace South Africa’s exploding drumbeat.

In 1996, Cressida was a victim of a vicious assault. She felt powerless and desired to escape everything, including herself. When she met and left home to live with the most feared drug lord of South Africa, Cressida believed the excitement that accompanied a notorious outlaw would provide the liberation and distraction she craved. In her story, GOODBYE DANNY, the drug lord goes by the name of Danny van der Linder. Danny was the perfect charmer in public, but not, as Cressida was soon to discover, once the security gates had slammed shut.

Cressida wrote this tale, her first novel, for new adults who may be or may know of someone, in a similar situation, and also for the parents who may suspect that their child is in an abusive relationship.

During its creation, she faced many questions. Could she have been murdered? Could she murder? And if they both had lived, how could she have survived his possessiveness and objectification? Would she have had the courage to leave him, as she had been planning days before his demise? And would he have allowed it, despite his threats?

Her novel became a plea to all new adults: Speak up. Find someone to confide in. Seek help. Permit the law to protect you. If you are struggling, please talk to someone you trust, even if it’s a teacher at school.

Cressida Pride

A Survivor