Boris to Tackle Overpopulation?

Boris to Tackle Overpopulation?

The Prime Minister has finally revealed that his seventh child is due at the end of the year, and he ‘changes a lot of nappies’.

And we wonder why the Leader of Great Britain cannot address Overpopulation…?

Worldometers records the Population size of the United Kingdom as:


Population Matters states the population size of the United Kingdom is the biggest it has ever been. In 1950, the population was 50 million: it is projected to pass 70 million in 2031. Despite its relatively small land area, the UK is on track to be the largest nation in Europe by the second half of this century.

According to the ONS, since 1955 (except in 1976) the number of births in the UK has been higher than the number of deaths. The average number of children per woman (total fertility rate) has been declining since 2012 and now stands at 1.74. Net migration has been the main driver of population change since the 1990s.

The UK has the highest teenage birth rate in Western Europe.

Read more on Population Matters here.


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