Charlie On The Hunt: Natasha

Charlie On The Hunt: Natasha

Back in the Big Smoke, after a spectacular sailing adventure, I am still diligently, maybe not as diligently, with everything else going on in my world, still creating my third novel. CHARLIE ON THE HUNT”. Each chapter is about a unique character. Only at the end does it all tie in…


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Natasha had to do it. She had to end it with him, to free herself to reach her goals. She no longer had the time to spend with a man while in a relationship that she no longer saw a future in.

‘Is there no more you and me?’ he asked her while he stood in front of her at the fuelling station. They both arrived in their separate cars.

‘Yes,’ she replied, leaning against the bonnet of her car.

‘If someone asked you why it was over between you and him, what would you say?’

‘He did not meet my needs or listen to what I truly desired… What would you say?’

‘I would say she’s a fool. I am that man.’

‘So why did he not show it when it truly mattered? She’d cried out at the time, the moment that counted?’

‘Because he thought she was inventing not feeling well as a reason for not wanting to see him. It’s a normal misunderstanding. I couldn’t have cared more. It’ll be a tragedy if that turns out to be the cause, the end of everything. Do you really not understand?’

‘I have understood enough. I desire a drama free life.’

A day earlier, he had sent her a story. He asked her what her thoughts were.

‘So, the moral of the story is that she should give him another chance despite the many times he gets it wrong, and even when he gets it right, no one will know the difference because the faith has been lost…’

‘And… Don’t be a victim of your own intelligence. You act like it’s a job interview with an infinite number of applicants and you aim to eliminate them with perfect Norwegian efficiency. What about the man that loves the job? If he loves you, he’ll get it right. If he chases her, he’ll make it worse, and if he leaves her, she’ll forget…’

She did not respond.

‘You should date a gastroenterologist. He’ll give you the enema you need.’

She bid him farewell while trying to control her laughter; damn he was funny at times.

Almost a week later, he messaged her. ‘Christ, the more I speak to people, the more I miss your mind. We would have made such a good team.’

He asked if she’d been enjoying herself and then made light of one of her family members who’d recently had an operation, which she ignored. He soon apologised for being insensitive. An hour later, he responded to her silence.

‘Nice! By seizing the first available opportunity for offence, you remove all possibility of an encounter during your holiday! Before you pat yourself on the back, ask yourself how much pain you’ve caused. But that’s okay. They’re men, right? Stupid, pathetic creatures.’

‘What do you mean, before I pat myself on the back… It gets pat at least five times a day…’

‘How can you be so kind, yet heartless? Do you only want what you can’t have? I used to be like that. You remind me sometimes of an alien trying their best to appear human…’

‘How many aliens do you know? Ummm… A creature from outer space. Does one try to be human, sometimes… Only sometimes? Now I understand exactly what’s wrong with me… Finally, after all these years.’

‘There would always be something missing.’

‘And that’s why you’re still single at forty-nine and without those children you want…’






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