Slaughtering of Pigs for No Reason

Slaughtering of Pigs for No Reason sent a petition to stop The story of 120,000 pigs from being slaughtered for no reason.

“…These lives will be ended because there is nobody to make them into a roast dinner or a sausage sandwich. It’s horrific and quite frankly evil.

This will be the largest cull of healthy animals in UK history and it has to stop. The government must take responsibility for this and give farmers an answer and a solution which means no more pigs have to die for no reason…”

So, is it okay then for a pig to die for a person’s pleasure, their tastebuds?

Does it mean that the personal desires of individuals matter more than the moral concerns surrounding an animal’s life, its inhumane existence, and unquestionably horrific death?

I’d hazard a guess that most of us, if not all, would very much hate to be killed or exploited… Is it not then hypocritical for us to exploit and kill others?

Isn’t the only solution then, as individuals, is to become vegan and embrace a plant-based diet?

If there are any other solutions, please share.

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