South Africa: Cry, Our Beloved Country!

South Africa: Cry, Our Beloved Country!


My heart bleeds for all those in South Africa who are suffering, especially my family and friends, trapped in their homes amidst a warzone where their food supplies, fuel, and medication are running low. And a civil war is imminent.

In brief, ex-president Jacob Zuma was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for his contempt of court, and now his supporters are running wild, rioting and looting and burning and causing more destruction than South Africa has experienced to date.

A woman from KZN, not far from my home and the people I love, recently posted the following on Facebook…


“…We are afraid.

“Majority of our shops have been vandalised, looted, destroyed or burnt down. Warehouses have been vandalised and even some container yards have been vandalised and stolen from. Those few shops which have risked opening have sold out within hours as people buy and try stock up on food and essentials. A few shops have not opened at all for fear of their staff being harmed. Even if this chaos ended today, we would not be able to buy food as shops would need to be rebuilt and or restocked, which could take weeks to months. There are very few shops left now which have not been destroyed. We are running out of food, and for the majority of families, what we have left in our homes is all we have left to survive on. We cannot even purchase bread or milk as service delivery trucks have been set on fire and petrol bombed. Our police force is outnumbered and although our national defense force have been deployed, they have not been seen.

“We are stocking up on water and keeping our cell phones charged as the threat of water pumps and power stations being destroyed has been relayed to us. Telecommunication stations have been destroyed and continue to be destroyed.

“Our children are locked indoors and are terrified. They see fires on the horizon and hear gunshots all around.

“The brave men and women in our communities have taken it upon themselves to try and protect our areas from further destruction, or simply to protect vandals from entering roads which lead to our homes, but many cannot continue as vehicles have run out of or are running out of petrol or diesel which cannot be refilled as petrol stations have also been closed.

“We cannot travel to other areas for fear of our vehicles being petrol bombed and main roads have been blocked. We have family and friends staggered all over the province and we fear for their safety. It is not only the townships which have been affected but every single area!

“Our big pharmacies Clicks and Dischem have either been destroyed and robbed or are not opening at all and people are not able to fill their scripts for chronic medication.

“Parents with babies cannot buy formula or nappies. There is nowhere to run! The threat of further violence and destruction continues on a daily basis going on throughout the night. Our government refuses to call an emergency state of disaster. Hospitals and Animal shelters are also running out of food and essential workers at hospitals cannot get to work.

“We are living in extremely stressful and dark times and there isn’t a single person in KZN who remains unaffected. The violence and vandalism have spilled over into Gauteng.

“With tears rolling down my cheeks, I write this and I pray that my family and all you friends will be protected by our Almighty God.”


It’s not just because of Zuma’s arrest and his supporters. It’s the increasing poverty for the majority of South Africans. It’s the pandemic that’s caused the death of breadwinners in large families and preventing people from going out to work and being able to put food on the table. It’s the overpopulation that extends to the shortage of resources and everything else in between.

Isn’t it obvious?!

The facts are clear.

“The current population of South Africa is 60,076,159 as of Tuesday, July 13, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.”

“South Africa’s unemployment rate reached 32.6% in the first three months of 2021, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said.”

(What about the illegal immigrants living and not working in the country? UN states in 2011 there were 2.5 million. Let’s multiply that by at least 5.)

And people are shocked at the rioting and looting? Wasn’t it always a matter of when…?

Why does no one speak about this? Why do people not take responsibility for themselves? How isn’t it obvious, gapingly obvious? Not just in South Africa or Third World Countries that are struggling…? The world is suffering because of us. Because of, dare I say it…?


There are too many people on this planet for it to carry on thriving. How much more suffering does one need to endure before the human race wakes up and acts and saves themselves and their home, our precious planet?

Stop trying to fix a leaky faucet in a burning building.

Stop reproducing, especially if you cannot afford to feed your offspring or have the mental and physical strength to nurture them and educate them to live sustainably. And if you aren’t already doing so yourself with yourself and you go ahead and still bring a child or children into the world then God, please help us all!

Start solving the real issue with education! And selflessness.


All the current devastation can be viewed on News24

“As fuel shortages grip the province, emergency service personnel fear that they will not be able to respond to life-threatening emergencies.”


The SA Road Freight Association has joined the business chorus calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to declare a state of emergency to stem the unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

“We need directed, focused, firm and resilient control by You to stop what is happening,” said Road Freight Association CEO Gavin Kelly in a statement Wednesday morning.

RFA represents over 400 members but counts holding companies as one member, so, for example Imperial Logistics is a member, but within the group it has over 80 different trucking companies.

Kelly said road freight carries 80% of South Africa’s goods.

“Simply put: when trucks stop, South Africa stops.”

There was a “real and imminent danger this will spread to other provinces”.

“What started out as sporadic incidents on one or two routes, has now spread to the total supply chain, affecting the transport legs (all forms, whether local or long-haul)… the economic effects are far reaching – but the collapse of the supply of all goods will be the immediate result.”


Govt remained dead silent and inactive – ActionSA launch lawsuits against Ramaphosa, Cele

ActionSA has said it will pursue lawsuits against President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, the members of the Security Cluster, and the ANC, following the looting and lawlessness which has terrorised residents and businesses across the provinces of Kwa-Zulu-Natal (KZN) and Gauteng.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, virtually, the party said Ramaphosa, Cele, and the government had a positive legal obligation to uphold and maintain law and order and that it was their constitutional duty to ensure that they take proactive and reasonable steps to protect and preserve the rule of law.

The party’s leader Herman Mashaba said: “A failure or omission to faithfully perform this legal duty must carry consequences as real as those experienced by South Africans, who have lost their lives and livelihoods because of the Executive’s incompetence and willful inaction.”

Mashaba said they would be helping all South Africans who’s properties and businesses had been negatively affected by the recent violence and looting.

“The legal action we are embarking on will be the first of its kind in democratic South Africa and will seek to finally hold the ruling government to account for its poor governance. We believe that there is more than sufficient jurisprudence that merits this a strong test case, and assists us in holding the government to account for its wilful failure to ensure proper law enforcement and the protection of lives, livelihoods and property,” Mashaba said.

The party slammed Ramaphosa and the government for remaining dead silent, and inactive, till the latest moment possible.

“It was only on Monday, following several days of looting, that the President finally authorised the deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) – a move that was too little too late. Despite numerous opportunities, neither Ramaphosa nor Cele have provided any real reason for their failure to take decisive and preventative action against what is so plainly coordinated criminality,” he said.

– Pule Letshwiti-Jones




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