It’s not all about blaming your parents

It’s not all about blaming your parents

Today in The Times Weekend supplement, following on from Prince Harry’s documentary on mental health, Jean-Claude Chalmet encourages men to “look on therapy as a gym workout for the mind…” In A man’s guide to therapy.


Another interesting fact – not just for men, rather for all those who struggle with a dysfunctional relationship with their parent or parents – is Jean-Claude’s sentiments on:


It’s not all about blaming your parents

“Good therapy is never about blaming others; it’s about developing understanding, compassion and a sense of self and responsibility, as well as understanding the consequences of our actions. It’s a maturing process that helps us to become the best version of ourselves. Therapy should help us to become more compassionate. If you’re someone who feels vengeful about their past, find themselves lashing out, therapy could be a welcome turning point. Hurt isn’t a way to deal with hurt, understanding is.

“Many men of a certain generation have had difficult relationships with their fathers. I believe that most parents try their best, but many had limited awareness of emotional issues, certainly among fathers. Men of the older generation didn’t always understand how to bring up their children in a warm, consistent, unconditional way so their children didn’t feel secure, loved and innately good enough. Therapy can help them to move on from the hurt that they may carry from that. Part of that healing will come from trying to bring up your children in a more intelligent way. Part will be setting an example and asking, “How can I move on from the anger towards my parents to be a better son too?”


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