Believe Them the First Time

Believe Them the First Time

I love this quote by Maya Angelou.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

It deserves a page all on its own, to stand out from the crowd of words…

Be observant when it comes to your world and of those that you permit to share it with. It’s so easy to be swayed by emotions and what is being said. Instead, trust the facts and someone’s actions or lack thereof. Believe it when a person shows themselves to you and ignore who they claim to be. And especially if you’ve given them chance after chance… I suppose it then becomes hindsight.

Life is about learning, and this is a poignant lesson. We are all unique and develop different levels of tolerance for undesirable and disagreeable behaviour. We all have red flags and will draw the line at a point.

By being there for ourselves, reflective of our behaviour and observant of others, we can be in a better position to reward those we trust and let go those we don’t.

2 Replies to “Believe Them the First Time”

  1. Hi Cressida, this post of yours speaks right to me. I’ve been struggling with forgiveness and giving someone another chance. Yet they keep repeating the same abusive behaviour. And the only peace I receive, protecting my well-being, is when I distance myself from them completely. If only I had come across this post years ago, I would have not been so lenient. Thank you for the insight and encouragement to be braver.

    1. Dear Naomi,
      Thank you for appreciating my blog piece and I am sorry to hear of your struggles when it comes to someone not respecting your boundaries. There is a point when you realise there’s nothing more that can be done to repair a toxic relationship. It’s about taking care of yourself first. Always remember that.
      Take care of yourself.

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