Empowered or Selfish?

Empowered or Selfish?

The woman has come to terms with her nature. Finally, she said it out loud.

She expressed herself to someone close to her.

Sitting up straighter, she took in a deep breath and exhaled just as deeply: ‘It has to be worth my while to have a man in my life.’

‘Wow! I’m loving that,’ the other woman expressed animatedly.

‘And there I worried I sounded selfish.’

‘Never. You sound confident, empowered. I don’t know anyone who’s actually articulated that or is living it.’

It has to be worth my while to entertain having a man in my life. No longer do I need a man. He has to prove his worth to me before he gets to sail his boat alongside mine…

It excites me to incorporate the above conversation into a chapter…

2 Replies to “Empowered or Selfish?”

  1. Hello Ms. Cressida,

    Are you a practising feminist or a wounded flirter? Should you not be saying, “It has to be worth my while having a person in my life rather than a man?”

    Are you in retreat or licking your wounds, waiting for them to heal whilst you re-energise and like a Transformer, Robots in Disguise?

    I mean, what do you really see as the difference between men and women? A rib? An Adam’s apple? Testosterone?

    I look forward to reading your reply in my man cave.


    1. Dear Andreas,

      Your comment has certainly amused me! Thank you.

      Mmm… Are you trying to resurrect Montalbano by any chance?

      Do you often make such assumptions? I am most curious to know what profession you are in? Something where assumption is at least tolerated…?

      I am neither a practising feminist nor a wounded flirter. Why do you ask? Do you know a few of each such type? The woman in the conversation could absolutely have said, “It has to be worth my while having a person in my life rather than a man?” However, for whatever reason, she chose to say what she did… Perhaps you should be asking her why… The issue is, “she” is she for a reason too…

      Why, dear Andreas, do you feel I need to either be “in retreat or licking your wounds”? I never once stated I was involved in such a conversation that involved two women… Your presumptions are truly outstanding!

      There are so many differences between men and women. For starters… Actually, don’t get me started…



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