Charlie On The Hunt: Bella

Charlie On The Hunt: Bella

During this second lockdown, I have been working hard on my third novel. “CHARLIE ON THE HUNT.” Each chapter is about a different character and only at the end does it all tie in… That’s all I am revealing for now.


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While clubbing, I spotted a girl I used to be at school with; we were in the same class together, civil to each other, but not friends. I last saw Jenny almost five years ago, when still at school.

Jenny approached me as though I was her long-lost bosom buddy. A little wobbly on her feet, she fell into my arms. Her breath smelt of stale alcohol, a bright red coloured drink in her one hand. Her eyes, the size of a grown male kudu’s ears, frightened me.

‘So good to seeee you, Isabellllaaa!’ Jenny exclaimed, grabbing hold of me, trying to hug me. I stepped backwards.

For a minute Jenny turned her attention to Sandy. They were better friends while at school. Sandy could have been friends with anyone. I was the exact opposite, a meticulous selector.

Jenny swayed back and forth in my direction. ‘You look as amazing as ever!’ She bellowed, crinkling her nose. ‘Wow! But do you wanna know something?’ She paused, moved closer towards me; her breath acrid.

‘What’s that?’ I said, feigning interest. Why do I even bother at times?

‘I actually hated you at school; the perfect, blonde princess getting everything she wanted… And… Guess what else?’

‘I couldn’t possibly!’

‘You’ll never believe how much I hate you now.’ Her smile faded from her lips. Her forehead furrowed tightly yet her eyes remained popping out of her head.

I wasn’t exactly sober myself. ‘Oh, do share the reason for such hatred.’ My interest now piqued. Perhaps she needed alcohol and whatever else to reveal her authentic self.

‘Dylan. I fucking love Dylan and you ruined him.’

‘Dylan?’ I had to think for a minute. Who the fuck was Dylan? Oh yes, and then it hit me. The one who temporarily stopped desiring life.

‘The man you ruined for all women.’

‘Not sure I had such power…’

‘Do you even care?’

‘No idea what you’re talking about.’

‘He loved you so much and you did that to him… I’d give him my life, but he refuses it. Because of you! Bella! Bella! Fucking Bella of the ball!’ She said my name as though spitting venom. ‘You always thought you were above everyone else.’

‘I did?’ I don’t know why I thought it sensible to provoke a mad woman. ‘Because I hardly spoke to anyone and choose not to be friends with you?’ I shook my head to stop myself from tutting.

‘Stop being such a… fucking… Oh, stop being so g-goddamn smug all the time!’

‘Me? Smug? All the time? Sometimes, perhaps, but all the time? Oh, stop with the theatrics!’

‘You broke his fucking heart and because of you he tried to kill himself. Not once. Not twice. Three fucking times!’

‘We stopped dating after three months. It’s sad how he felt the need to —’

‘Fucking callous too!’ She leaned into my face and screamed, ‘You BITCH!’ and spun around and ran off. I never saw her again. Meeting her again, listening to her caused a deep sense of guilt rush to the surface. But why?

Sandy told me not to worry, and off she scampered to get another round of drinks bought for us from a man standing at the bar I did not recognise.

5 Replies to “Charlie On The Hunt: Bella”

  1. Dear Cressida,

    Your “third” novel, what a talented woman you are, are there any of your talents that remain hidden.

    So, who, or what, is Charlie?


    1. Dear Lionel,

      Thank you for comment and the compliment.

      I do not hide my talents, rather I am selective as to who I reveal them to…

      As mentioned in the post, ‘That’s all I am revealing for now.’ So, you will have to wait for the book to be published to know the meaning of “Charlie.”


  2. Dear Cressida,

    Will you be releasing an audio book? I am rather curious to know how you pronounce certain words.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Dear Lionel,

      I shall be releasing the whole hog. Hardback, paperback, e-book and audio.

      However, I may not be doing the reading for the audio. Or perhaps I should… Now, there’s an idea…

      Thank you!

      Yours Truly,

      1. Dear Cressida,

        How delightful! I have opened your eyes to an idea that will open other ears and minds.

        You will be doing podcasts next …

        Yours ever,


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