The state the world is in right now is perfect for self-reflection.


In the UK domestic abuse has increased. People have murdered their spouses and committed suicide due to the fear caused by COVID-19 pandemic.


Time for Truth!


Returning to a value I admire in others and embrace above anything else, I asked people, including friends and family, a personal question. I only accepted the truth. ‘Please do refrain from answering if it can’t be done with honesty.’ Some replied over the phone and others via messages. It surprised me the number that opted out of answering. I will not publish your name. No one will know it’s you…


Most people I’ve met appear to be afraid of the truth, their insecurities are so debilitating they aren’t able to face possible loss.


Oh, how I gobble truth, seeking the truth sometimes can be a mild fixation. So here I am inflicting it upon others, extracting juicy details from people anonymously. Is there anything more delicious…?


Truth. When I contemplate the word many honourable words spring to light: authenticity, facts, infallibility, precision, legitimacy, trust, trustworthy, virtuous, genuine, ethical…




Jerry: In my day and age you married the first woman you loved and then had to immediately procreate.


Nancy: I wanted children.


Daisy: I married him because he was wealthy, a good catch and I didn’t want to work. But after a few years, I fell in love with him, the perfect husband and father to our two boys, and now I love him madly.


Charlene: My boyfriend always wanted to marry a slut.

Me: But why did you marry him?

Charlene: I didn’t think I’d ever find a man that would want a slut for a wife, and there was no hope of me changing.


Mary: I got pregnant.


David: I was tired of being the only single man in my group of friends.


Paul: For love.


Lora: A fairy tale ending, to save me. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have and should have saved myself. Never again.

Me: Until the next Prince Charming graces your path?

Lora: Why not? Ha!


Danny: I was obsessed with her.


Sarah: I turned thirty.


Nicole: I did it for the experience, an avid risk-taker.

Me: It seems to be lasting?

Nicole: I live authentically. If he doesn’t like it he can always divorce me. Another new experience to embrace…


Desiree: Because he was a sweet virgin.


Jonny: Dear Cressida, I decided to get married when I met someone who I felt different about, not just lust. I had known her for a while, slept with some of her friends and then we met and socialised just as friends and something developed. We liked each other, there was a chemistry and attraction and things developed and it sort of seemed the right thing to do. We were a good match, friends and family said that and it sort of rollercoastered from there. We were married quickly, what is the point in a long engagement? We were a team, we were lovers, friends and we trusted each other. Trust. There is a big word. We respected each other and we supported each other when things were bad. We said we loved each other but who knows what love is? Many years later,  33 to be exact, I fell really in love for the first and only time. It hit me like a bolt from the blue. Who needs marriage? It is love we crave and when we have it, it is all-consuming and in a melting pot of dreams bigger than you can imagine. When you lose it, the world becomes grey. Be the biggest winner to find true love, accept you are the biggest loser when you lose it. What are you when you give it up?

Me: Why did you give it up?


Eric: You know you eat what you kill? Do you know that saying?

Me: No, I don’t?

Bob: Well, I thought you had to marry what you f*@k.


I now invite readers to message me and reveal their truth, which I’ll share anonymously, of course. Go on, I dare you.




  1. Dear Cressida,

    I gave up because I could not cope with all the other stresses in my life that I was trying to get away for a life with my true love and felt I was ultimately not good enough for someone who deserved to find better.


    1. Dear Jonny,
      A truly sad reality you had to face.
      Did she agree with you, that you were not good enough or was it how you felt?
      Through personal experience, I know that no matter what I have said or done (actions speaking louder than words) when a man I am in a relationship does not feel good enough from within, nothing I can do changes it.
      Wow! Something has just hit me…
      I can’t thank you enough for ‘Daring Greatly’!

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