I Believe I Have the Right To…

I Believe I Have the Right To…

I believe I have the right to think and say the wrong things. I believe your remedy for that should be to argue with me or to ignore me. And that I should have the same remedy for the wrong things that I believe you think.


I believe that you have the absolute right to think things that I find offensive, stupid, preposterous or dangerous, and that you have the right to speak, write or distribute these things, and that I do not have the right to kill you, maim you, hurt you or take away your liberty or property because I find your ideas threatening or insulting or downright disgusting.

You probably think some of my ideas are pretty vile too.


I couldn’t have expressed it any better than Neil Gaiman…



2 Replies to “I Believe I Have the Right To…”

  1. I agree, Cressida, but you have to be brave. Say what you feel when you feel it, because the people that matter, don’t mind. The people that mind, don’t matter. You will be respected but maybe not liked. I know what I prefer.

    1. Does it ever truly matter what another thinks, Dear Salvo?
      Einstein once said, ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent mediocre minds.’ Case rested!

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