Have you tried to ‘fix’ another?

Have you tried to ‘fix’ another?

Something to ponder…

How can anyone expect another to live a truthful life when they can’t be honest with themselves?

Just because I choose to live authentically, openly and honestly, I can’t expect anyone else to do the same. Especially if it’s clear that they struggle to do so. Or choose not to.

This would be like trying to ‘fix’ someone.

Have you ever tried to ‘fix’ another person? Impossible, right? F*@k me! Have I tried… And guess what? It’s all been in vain. I can’t even ‘fix’ myself at the best of times. Ha!

First, no one can ‘fix’ another person.

Second, only an individual can ‘fix’ themselves if they truly desire to and are prepared to put in the effort. I see this everywhere. Human nature, at its best or worse? Or just simply is to be… Accepted.

Third, you can be in support of someone ‘fixing’ themselves, but this becomes futile if they do not put in the effort to help themselves.

I invite all to share their experiences; if you dare, of course? Come on, make it personal. I double dare…

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  1. Dear Cressida, Fix You. No, that’s is not a spelling mistake nor a Coldplay reference. What you say is 100 per cent true and a throw down the gauntlet challenge which is where your double dare make it personal comes, doesn’t?
    If one of you is truthful and the other isn’t then there is no fixing just the opposite, it un-fixes and the relationship chains become weaker instead of stronger.
    Feel free to interrupt at any point, Cressida, or have you fixed that? Hmmm?
    Life is about choice, you can choose to live a true life or a pretend one. Your reflection in the mirror shows the real you, doesn’t it?
    Real. Now there is a word. Reality. There is another. Facing up to the truth is facing reality, dealing with it, would you not rather have real than false?
    Can you really feel it you can ask someone? They are missing so much if they say yes to please you or shut you up when they don’t try to feel it.
    I was sent this recently, it resonated.
    “When love it real, it does not lie, cheat, pretend or hurt you or make you feel unwanted”.
    So true.
    If you are depressed, under so much pressure you lose your balance, there are times when the weight can make you give up, when you can’t see the light and the other can’t relieve the pressure and they are scared of the light dimming or going out. Everyone has the right to wonder “what if” . I do everyday and sometimes at night when I remember that time. Sometimes love cannot find a way because one wants change and the other pretends just to be liked/loved/kept/amused. Don’t you just hate how weak that person is? If it happens to you Cressida, not only are they not good enough, they are deluded fools who are wasting there lives in an unreal world that they will ultimately regret.
    Disclaimer. I can say what I want but I wish no harm on any person who has mental issues they need professional help and support with.

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