How little is needed to live a happy life!

How little is needed to live a happy life!

A New Year; a new decade; a year passed; another day; how are you choosing to spend your moments?


With time to kill, before meeting my writer friend, I browsed Oxfam books and picked up the first non-fiction book that caught my eye.


Meditations: The Spiritual Teachings by Marcus Aurelius.


Randomly, I opened to a page.


Moral Cultivation

The perfection of character consists in living each day as if it were the last and being neither violently excited, nor apathetic, nor insincere.


The Sage

Nature hasn’t blended your mind so completely with your body, as to deny you the power of limiting yourself and bringing under your control everything that you are.


Always bear that in mind, and with it, remember how little is needed to live a happy life. Just because you’ve given up on becoming a great logician or a student of physics, don’t despair of being free, modest, unselfish, and obedient to the will of God. It’s quite possible to become a great sage and yet never be recognised.


So, strive for peace by creating a serene mind and discover happiness within. Soon you’ll be dead, and in the grand scheme of things, life is short. Live it as though you were experiencing birth, something new every day.




4 Replies to “How little is needed to live a happy life!”

  1. Hello Cressida and a Happy New Year to you. Do everything in your power to be happy.

    Your post took me back to boarding school when quotes by this Roman Emperor were often read before bedtime to stimulate debate and thought. All I can remember is having to look up what ‘stoic’ meant and ignoring the quotes about death as being too depressing.

    Your blog posts always cause a reaction, sometimes immediate, some need marination. I do not want to be under control, limited, not obedient to the will of God and I definitely want to be excited each and every day even if this is to be my last. Obedient? God forbid. Can I say that?

    1. Dear Augustus,
      Thank you; and a Happy 2020 to you too.
      You need to know, on this blog, you may say anything that pops into your mind. I will take offense to absolutely nothing!
      I dare you…
      I’m surprised the teachers at the boarding school chose to stimulate young minds at bedtime. A ruler or two over their knuckles?
      It would appear by your words you obey the will of God. Good for you. You should then have nothing to worry about, so I’ve heard. Do correct me if I’ve gone off track…

      1. Dear Cressida, Thank you for your reply. Your previous posts make it very clear this is a blog to say what you want as long as it is what you really feel.

        Oh I do love a dare, Cressida, do you?

        I can assure you that it was not my mind that needed stimulating at bedtime, My knuckles were never rapped but my backside was often caned for saying whatever I wanted, that is how I was ‘corrected’. Veni. Vidi. Vici.

        1. Dear Augustus,
          If I say I do love a dare? Will you be daring…?
          If so, then surely, resistance is futile…

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