Simple Toilet Etiquette or is it?

Simple Toilet Etiquette or is it?

Sometimes it astounds me how such a little thing, something out of my control, can cause me to feel so strongly.


Perhaps it only happens when I am in a high state of anxiety and having to keep calm under attack and someone very close to me is going through a most rock-bottom, distressing time.


Brace yourself. Check the seat before you sit down…


This is about men and toilets!


Do men ever think for one second how repugnant it is for a woman to have to put down the toilet seat after they have used it? To touch something so germ-ridden it makes me need to scrub my hands with bleach afterwards. Which is impossible due to this occurring at a public toilet. Public. This, of course, makes things even worse. How many people use public toilets before they are next cleaned? Kak and piss…


Oh, please no! Don’t get me started on people who crap in toilets and do not clean the bowl after themselves!


Back to the point in… blog… I endeavour to leave the toilet lid down after use. However, sometimes, once or twice, it may have slipped my mind. But WTF! Can’t a man think to leave the toilet as it was… If the toilet and its lid are down before a man makes use of it then do the same fucking thing.


If you find my language offensive then please refer to the disclaimer on the Home page:



Thanks to Bustle, I am not alone here…


7 Reasons Dudes Should Be The Ones To Put The Toilet Seat Back Down — Every. Single. Time.


If you’re a dude and you’re already lifting the toilet seat to pee, congratulations, you’re halfway there! Everyone is very happy that you’re realistic enough to admit that your aim is imperfect, and that lifting the seat now is easier than wiping up a bunch of pee later. But unfortunately, one other lingering bathroom issue remains: are you putting the seat back down afterwards?

If you care even a little bit about the ladies that you share your house with, you should be willing to spend one second going out of your way to flick the toilet seat up and down in order to help them avoid the sad, soggy fate of accidentally falling in the toilet. Seems simple enough. But for some reason (cough, cough: casual misogyny), a lot of men have gone to a lot of trouble in order to justify leaving the toilet seat up.

In fact, an economist at Michigan State even went so far as to develop an economics-based theory about why leaving the toilet seat up is OK. You know what would have taken way less time that researching and creating a graph about how it’s OK to leave the toilet seat up? Putting the damned toilet seat DOWN. And that economist is far from the only dude to put their extensive education to work developing complex theories about why falling on your ass into toilet water after they leave the seat up is simply not their problem…

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