A Passionate Welcome to Jonny Ox

A Passionate Welcome to Jonny Ox

If you haven’t yet had your soul tripped up by Jonny Ox you’re in for a thrilling ride.


Percival, a dear friend, recently sent me a dazzling quote by Mr Ox: a soul overflowing with “Artistic musings for poetic hearts, playful minds, and deep souls.”


I include some of my favourite poetic words by the contemporary artist, in no particular order after the first… The first has to be my number one!


Come on, share your favourite love lines to awaken desires and cravings…



3 Replies to “A Passionate Welcome to Jonny Ox”

  1. Dear Cressida,
    Having read many of your postings and highly descriptive stories, one wonders if Jonny was writing about you because each poem resonates. Do you have rebellion and don’t comply burnt into you skin? Thank you for sharing this post, it nearly destroyed me.

    1. Well, Dear Blake, clearly my posts reveal volumes… Another thing I can say is… I simply cannot comply to any one thing that happens to go against my values!

      1. Dear Cressida,
        Keep and trust your values. They are the very core of you and set you apart from others who are not what they pretend to be. Never, ever give up in your dreams, beliefs and especially values even if it is a lonely place amongst others who aren’t what they portray.

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