When Will Britain Be Great Again?

When Will Britain Be Great Again?

Yes, I am back. And so soon, I hear the pondering. Well, resistance is futile when passion ignites my every fibre. Once again, I return to politics, something so seriously crippling; news story after news story of unworthy news.


Britain. No longer is it Great Britain, no longer is Britain great. For how long…? now my turn to ponder… The question I beg for an answer to… The real reason it’s called “Great” is that the country is the largest out of the islands within the British Isles. Yes, I know… But put that to one side for a minute or two.


If there is no one running for Prime Minister worthy of a vote, to make Britain great again, least of all Boris (unless we are in it for a bit of entertainment, a true stand up comedian who shows he doesn’t value morals) then why vote?


If everyone refused to vote, demand for something worth voting for, how would this country handle things? Would the parties then vote for themselves and still stand a chance of gaining power?


Why would anyone vote for below mediocrity? The best out of mediocrity?



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  1. Britain will always be great for the geographical reasons you state but as for ruling the waves and never, ever being slaves, well maybe those two are up for debate. The Great British Public know more about Brexit now than they did when the voted for or against which is a good thing considering the consequences of this never-should-have-been-asked-for referendum. Politicians have been hammered and the public’s faith and support has been squashed like a ripe tomato on a grey pavement. The next Prime Minister is now likely to be chosen not on the basis of his competency as a leader, politician or statesman, but on the fact that he had a heated argument with his partner. Ludicrous.

    1. The moral of the story, I’d have to conclude, Charles, is take responsibility for your actions, own up and repair.

      And, is it not possible for the papers to talk about anything other than Boris’s heated argument with his partner, on every page?

      1. Not unless it is about Love Island which just about sums it up. Someone turn the light off at the end of the tunnel.

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