Ancient Magic Mushrooms and the Real Power of Christ

Ancient Magic Mushrooms and the Real Power of Christ

Finally, something about religion to pique my interest. I gave up religion when I was 12 years old. I rebelled against anyone forcing me to believe the stories in the Bible, without being able to answer my questions, simply brushing me off. However, now I can understand where they came from, how they transpired… The far fetched stories in the Bible now make sense. They were all on drugs!


According to John Marco Allegro in “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”, thousands of years ago magic mushrooms were thought to improve fertility, leading to cults being created around the belief. He sustained that these secret fungal cults eventually led to the concept of Jesus. Essentially, he claims, Jesus didn’t exist: he was a kind of a code word for the mysterious mushroom power. And the “Jesus myth” caught on, rapidly spreading and eventually became Christianity.


Read the rest of the above source here: Have we always got high for God?

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