Something so Small yet so Touching

Something so Small yet so Touching

31stPost Challenge of 31


While visiting a charity this morning, I had the pleasure of witnessing an emotional exchange.


Six people from a corporate company delivered boxes and boxes of items the charity were in desperate need that included nappies for different ages, baby food, a microwave, a fridge and many other items.


One of the founders recently died. The only other founder received the goods in a most incredibly emotional thank you. Deep appreciation so palpable, I felt it in the form of gooseflesh all over my arms.


Despite the sadness of how the children came to be at the home for abandoned babies, people are still trying to make a difference.


There’s always Hope…


…a place of rekindled hope for all the children, parents and volunteers.


2 Replies to “Something so Small yet so Touching”

  1. Dear Cressida, bloody well done on all your thought provoking posts. You rose to the challenge and you left the last post, the deepest, the best.

    1. Dear Blake,
      Thank you for appreciating the completed challenge.
      I feel rather sad it’s come to an end. Perhaps, one of my friends or a reader could present me with another…
      Hint hint!

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