Pin-Ups for Pensioners

Pin-Ups for Pensioners

30thPost Challenge of 31


I treated myself to a new hairdresser, a new look. A clean, neat, chic place, nothing out of the ordinary.




I needed to have my hair washed, around the corner where the basins hid from the main room.


As I sat down, bent my head back over the basin, my eyes fixated at the wall above the door to the kitchen. Male pin-ups, muscles protruding from the waist up and a Scottish kilt protecting the rest, adorned the wall.


Trying to stifle my fits of giggles, I had to ask.


The lady washing my hair said, “They are for the pensioners.”


“Pensioners?” How was that supposed to stop the giggles…?


“Two ladies, seventy-plus, complained at how boring the walls were and suggested we put up some art. A Scottish man overheard them, and after his trip home, to Scotland, returned with them.”


They came from a calendar and I got them laminated, she said.


I’m not convinced they’re exhibited entirely for the lady pensioners; after all, the owner of the hairdresser is homosexual.


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