Less Stress (my a*se!)

Less Stress (my a*se!)

26th Post Challenge of 31


Percival calls me on WhatsApp, eager for me to read the article he’d seconds ago sent to my Inbox. Okay, give me however long it takes and I’ll call you back!


It takes me a few minutes to read The One Difference Between People Who Move Abroad and Those Who Don’t, on Business Insider here.


“So?” he says, yet doesn’t wait for me to answer. “I think we both agree that moving to live and work abroad is life enhancing…” A pause.


“Yes?” I encourage him; the incomplete statement isn’t enough… Could it ever be?!


“But I’m not sure about the stress reduction that it refers to.”


“Umm… I agree with both your statements. It’s a —”


“Fuck! Let me sit down! That’s a first!”


“Don’t interrupt, Percy!” I barked.


“Don’t call me Percy!”


“I rest my case!”


“Touché! Sorry, Cress. Please do carry on, uninterrupted, as usual.”


Ignoring Percival’s attempt at ‘comedy’, I plough on: “It’s a bold statement made by the author. Unless lived in many countries and all have been a success. And it would also depend where one located to and if financially secure and whom with.”


“It’s so much more challenging on my own over here,” Percival sadly admits. “I know if I had a partner to share everything with then the stresses I endure, trying to fit into a foreign culture, would lessen; we’d have each other to depend on.”


“Think about what’s happening here. A Third World Country where the power is more off than on. It would not reduce stress, especially for someone having just moved to such a place… Perhaps going from living in a polluted city to a green countryside with only cattle to worry about during rush hour then maybe… Life spent on a tractor…mmmm…”


Percival didn’t comment. A silence fell between us. Maybe the power had gone off or he was unsure about interrupting again and now took to sitting on his hands. Anything to try and stop himself. Percival trying not to interrupt is as fruitless as me trying to stop a broadside harpoon in mid deployment. Truly imfuckingpossible.


“But,” I resume, “I’m still not convinced. Finding work may be more difficult. The quietness may make a person feel lonelier or more isolated even.”


“It can be more stressful living abroad,” Percival concurs. “This quote I do admire,” he ends off our conversation.


German philosopher Hermann von Keyserling wrote: “The shortest path to oneself leads around the world.”

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