We Are Truly Only Sorry When Caught

We Are Truly Only Sorry When Caught

23rd Post Challenge of 31


I wrote the below a while ago and recently thought deeply about it.


We are truly only sorry when caught. Those that aren’t sorry get it, are true to themselves.



First, the words reminded me of JM Coetzee’s protagonist in Disgrace. After David got caught having an affair with one of his students, he was disgraced before a committee at the university and there he refused to say sorry. “In the heat of the act, there are no doubts.” How could he be sorry for doing something that he desired to do, and she permitted him to do so. She could have said no, and not visited him at his private home. But she chose to do so and yet he gets denounced. That is another argument, maybe for another post…


Second, some people really aren’t aware enough of others to actually notice the destruction they cause. As well as, they are so self-absorbed by their own pain and suffering it becomes impossible to find it in their hearts to say sorry.


Third, others genuinely feel it’s everyone else’s fault and choose not to take responsibility, and enjoy playing the victim.


Lastly, some will not say sorry because they are unable to stop hurting others and so a sorry would be absolutely meaningless when they will repeat their destructive behaviour.


I’m sure there are many other reasons why people choose not to say sorry…

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