Resistance Is Futile when it comes to Brexit

Resistance Is Futile when it comes to Brexit

21st Post Challenge of 31

I truly couldn’t resist…


After all, it’s on every front page of every newspaper in the UK. Somebody rescue us!


While socialising with Safire, my outspoken friend who I envy as a writer, the other night in a quaint French bar in Soho, she spoke to a group of men enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres, sharing our table. It was actually their table and they arrived late. The owner said we could enjoy it until the group arrived. The group, not all showed up, and encouraged us to stay.


Soon Safire was passionately discussing Brexit with these strangers. I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol to drink, and the conversation didn’t pique my interest in the least. I wanted to move on, get on with a less boring interlude. Patience eludes me at the best of times!


The man with the moustache piped up, “So, if you could all revote, there was a referendum tomorrow and you had to vote, how would you do so? In or out?”


A sigh. A deep breath. A ‘No, don’t!’ A ‘We’re here to have fun!’


“Come on,” Moustache interrupted, “this is fun! The government fucked things up and now they are paying…”


Moustache moved into ginger’s face, demanding an answer. “If I have to… In.”


Skinny-nose was next. “In!”


The rest were all In, including Safire. Moustache looked at me, my turn. He gesticulates with his hands, as though desperate for my answer.


“Stick to the majority vote and get on with it! God, damn it! What are you all? A bunch of…” I couldn’t finish my sentence. They all looked as though they’d just found out their wives had cheated on them. All I wanted was it to stop and to move on! Enough about Brexit. Please! Let’s go, Safire. This is cheese-gratingly boring!


Skinny-nose breaks the silence. “Whoa! I’m going to change my vote. OUT! I’m sick of it all too.”


“Yes! Me too, I’m changing too. A very good point, indeed!” comes bushy-eyebrows.


Bejesus! It’s not really a referendum, I wanted to scream at all of them.


Eventually, not soon enough, I managed to get Safire to head on out of there, and leave the voting to the crazies!


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