Intimacy & Sex Let’s Talk About It

Intimacy & Sex Let’s Talk About It

15th Post Challenge of 31


For men it’s all about intimacy and for women it’s all about sex, apparently, according to an article in The Times.


If we want different things, expecting to find it elsewhere, thinking the grass is greener, it becomes absolutely fruitless having affairs outside of marriage… It will eventually become doomed, just as the one already in. Unless one turns to the same sex… Bring on homosexuality!


And then there’s the Psychology Today article The Truth About Men and Sex. Apparently in this article sex becomes love for a man.


Perhaps then the significance is all about what’s important to you and finding common ground with a special lover. Invite them into your world, and dive into theirs!


Share. Taste. Feel. Expose. Relish. Open. Devour.


Be Unafraid.


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  1. Dear Cressida, I’m unaware of your age but you have done well to to lift the hood on what for many is a taboo subject. All my lovers are special to me, some more special than others, and I assure you that irrespective of age, colour or creed, they are devoured. Happy hunting.

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