All Flushed With Fever

All Flushed With Fever

13thPost Challenge of 31

Whenever I sit in Café Nero, working on my MacBook Pro, sipping a soya milk cappuccino with chocolate sprinkled on top, I think of how I met a lover…


Looking up from my screen, taking in my surroundings, I catch the eye of a man doing exactly the same. He’s sipping from a medium coffee cup while in front of his MacBook.

Smiling, I do not look away from him. He half smiles and then returns his attention to his screen, a light redness flushing his cheeks.

I need to finish a commissioned article with a few minutes to go before the deadline and my laptop’s battery is about to run dry.

Noticing the blushing stranger before me is plugged in and the light on the cable is green, I consider asking him to power me up just for a few minutes, so I may make my deadline.

Standing up, I approach him. Before I say, “Excuse me?” he looks directly at me.

“May I use your cable for a few minutes?”

He smiles, this time no flushing in sight. However, for me it’s a different story. Lyrics to a song comes to mind…


Time to break out…


“…I felt all flushed with fever…”

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