“Good manners cost nothing…

“Good manners cost nothing…

6th Post Challenge of 31


“…Bad manners can cost you your reputation…”

One thing about people that grates everything within my body and brain is talking with their mouth full.

First, mind the food splatter. Second, WHAT THE F&@! DID YOU SAY? Third, the view, open-mouthed food blending in full Technicolor is not the prettiest sight.

Okay, I put my hand up. I am guilty, but only the once, of course. Many, many years ago…before I became the proper person I am today.

Hunger gripped my insides. If I didn’t insert something into my mouth to satiate the pangs, I would have probably (definitely) have done more damage to my unsuspecting colleague, but I am not talking about eating flesh and bone though. At the time, I still had colleagues; this freelance life is a little different… But that’s for another time.

Oh yes! A Granny Smith on top of my desk popped into view. Grab! Open mouth as wide as possible and bite down. Chew and chomp as quickly as possible for space to shovel in the next mouthful, like putting coal into a steam engine. During this normal process of what one would term “eating”, my colleague at the cubicle (we are talking office here not toilets) next to mine, another Executive, pops his head up, erects his body like a flag pole, report in hand and asks me a question about the financial situation of the Social Media team.

Well, this clearly discharges a great deal of passion from somewhere within that forces, unwittingly, a little black seed that shoots from my lips like a penguin jumping from a cliff into the sea… and, oops, motivates Executive Gerry to recoil with horror as if a cobra had appeared from nowhere, at the sight of the glistening, dark seed landing on the stark white page of the report. Bouncing up towards his face, he instinctively batted the papers away from him and like an opening batsman hit the fallen seed in the air for us to both watch it drop and plant itself between two of my immaculately painted (Dior Rouge 99), sandal clad toes. I almost turn the same shade as the apple (green for shame, yes, it is!), melting in embarrassment before mumbling an apology and trying not to spray any freshly crushed apple juice.

At the next Exec. meeting, Gerry blurts out, “Call for Cressida whenever you want someone to crunch over some numbers and get to the core of a problem… but don’t forget a napkin.”

Yes, Gerry, taking a napkin is very good manners.


You’ll find a few other mentionable manners, titled How You Benefit from Proper Etiquette by clicking on the following link: https://www.thespruce.com/how-you-benefit-from-proper-etiquette-1216688



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