Goodbye Danny: Bumbling Fool

Goodbye Danny: Bumbling Fool

 2nd Post Challenge of 31

An Extract


Goodbye Danny


As I reached the driveway gate to BAUER & HANSEN, a bright yellow sports car almost ran me over. Screeching to a halt, the car pulled up alongside me in the driveway. I heard the car door open and a deep voice said:

‘I’m really sorry. Are you okay? I didn’t see you.’

My back faced him, lost in my world. I didn’t want to look at him, at the one acting like an idiot in a fancy car. But there was something in his voice. That deep tone of his forced me to turn around. I looked down into his face. I don’t know if he stopped moving first or if I did. He sat still and I stood still, and we both stared at each other. I couldn’t move for what felt like an age, but it was probably only a couple of seconds. Something happened to me, all around me. Another moment I wished I had the power to freeze. An unrecognisable hunger ripped open my stomach, and my lungs refused to release air normally. It came out in jerky bursts. His startling green eyes were all I noticed at first.

‘Are you okay?’ he repeated, just as deeply.

‘Yes,’ I said, not understanding the question at first and then recalling his near accident over my body. ‘I’m late.’

‘That makes two of us. How about a lift? Where do you work?’

‘Here, just here. Well, in there.’ I turned to face the house and then back at him. ‘What about you?’ My chest expanded violently. I thought it would crush my chin at any moment and I didn’t have a large chest.

‘Not much further,’ he eventually said. ‘Allow me.’

‘But you…’ Before I said anything more, he held out a remote and the gate was opening: a giant’s mouth desiring to swallow me whole. Girl, if only!

I felt like a bumbling fool. I forced my lungs to behave properly. Air expanded every organ within my body. He carried on staring at me. No smile. Or maybe I didn’t notice.

I watched him climb out of the car. I noticed his forearms sticking out of crisp white rolled-up sleeves. I looked up at him.

‘Sophia, I’m Joshua.’ He held out his hand. Still no smile. Or still I never noticed. God damn, Girl! Get your act together.

In slow motion I took his offering. It felt as though the silkiest piece of material slipped around both of our hands and bound them together, tighter and tighter. Because of the heat from his hand, I tugged as though the silky material had caught fire.

‘Hello,’ I said, the only word I could manage my brain to produce then.

He appeared more than a few years older than me. So utterly stunning, he should be a piece of art. Statuesque. Still. Still life; full of life. Elegant. His translucent sea-green eyes stared deeply into mine. Messy melting cocoa-brown hair rippled all over his oval-shaped head and with big protruding cheekbones he was perfection breathing. If I was given a wish, before I had met him, to sculpture my ideal man, if given the power to design the most astonishing-looking man for me, I would have produced Joshua – the man that stood in front of me who goes by the name of Joshua Hansen, but should be Joshua Handsome.

If that man had held on to my hand for a moment longer, it would have sent fire through my skin, set my blood ablaze and turned everything within me to ash.

‘I didn’t mean to almost flatten you,’ he said.

‘Pardon?’ I gasped, realising his words beat me out of my deepening fantasy.

‘Earlier —’

‘Well, I sincerely hope not.’ I felt my words scrape the back of my throat. ‘Better go inside.’ I don’t know how but I recovered. Well done to you, Girl. Absolutely marvellous!

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