A Last Dose of Vitamin Sea

A Last Dose of Vitamin Sea

1st Post Challenge of 31

I’m sitting on a sand bag making up a wall from the promenade down on to the beach. My feet immersed in the soft golden sand as warm as toast. The wind blows my hair over my face, constantly reaching up to free my eyes from observing all there is to see.

Either side of me people gleefully screech at the designated swimming beaches. A man sets up fishing gear; rods double his height, fat holders to secure the fishing rods.

Two young surfers charge down towards the Indian Ocean, place their boards onto the solid wet sand. One points to a breaking wave. They both stretch their bodies. Even if I could I would give surfing a miss today. The waves pitch, break as soon as they form, hardly ideal. I suppose it’s ideal being out on my board no matter the conditions, just lying, paddling, enjoying the energising peace.

A couple, beaming lovers, take selfies together.

Two men huff and puff while trying to run, both their bellies hanging over the top of their baggies in equal proportions. At least two things in common…

A man watches over his daughter who appears to be 18 months, still wobbly on her feet, clinging on to her dad. She drops to her bottom, splashes at the last of the foam caused by the gentle wave that just reaches her toes.

A kite, a scavenging raptor, picks at some debris washed onto the beach. Seagulls fight the wind head on, the raging gusts.

A spitfire type aircraft circles above. It’s too long to be a spitfire but it’s the same shape and just as noisy.

If the wind died the sun would be as hot as a sauna.

I simply had to take in a last dose of Vitamin Sea before heading back to the United Kingdom.

Do I really have to leave?


I’ll have a slice of beach with my coffee!


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