Goodbye Danny: A Hand To Hold

Goodbye Danny: A Hand To Hold

An Extract


Goodbye Danny


A BAD DREAM disturbed me sometime during the night. I killed Danny in his sleep; bludgeoned his head with a stoning hammer. My thumping heart woke me, and I heard him snoring. It scared me because I smiled the entire time and laughed during the attack. What do dreams mean?

Danny said he needed to take care of business with Nick and Wayne, and would be out all day. He placed a thousand rand in my pocket, and told me to enjoy the nearby shopping mall and then left with gladiator Nick and priest Wayne late morning.

The internal intercom system buzzed. I hesitated. Elsie, the domestic helper, came to my rescue. With a broad smile, she answered the buzz.

‘Hallo… Yes is here.’ She handed the receiver to me. ‘Is young lady in cottage.’

Bridget asked me if I’d like to join her on a much-needed shopping spree. I cheerfully accepted, thankful I didn’t have to go on my own, a hand to hold.

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