Goodbye Danny: Oh Joshua!

Goodbye Danny: Oh Joshua!

An Extract


Goodbye Danny


She turned her attention back to me. ‘Now don’t you go falling in love with Joshua.’ Bridget joined us. ‘All the girls do,’ Mia carried on. ‘Consider this a warning. Be prepared.’ She turned to blushing Bridget. ‘Sweetness, tell Sophia what happened the day you met Joshua.’

‘Ooh, Joshua.’ A dreamy gaze relaxed Bridget’s face. ‘Joshua, Joshua, Joshua. Now that’s a man,’ she sang. ‘He’s the most strikingly irresistible thing on two legs you’ll ever meet. The moment he took my hand in his, when he introduced himself to me, I couldn’t function. I felt his hand set mine on fire. Honestly, Sophia, whatever Mia has told you is the truth. Maybe even a bit less than the truth. She tried to warn me but it wasn’t enough. Read my lips: You will fall in love with Joshua. You will.’ She lightly touched my arm. ‘There’s no doubt about it. You’ll fall hard for him. I did.’ She placed a hand gently around her never-ending neck. ‘Every woman that crosses his path does. He’s so unaware of his power that it makes him even more attractive. I would’ve left Wayne for him but he didn’t want me. I couldn’t interest him in the least. He’s more into those who own their own companies.’ She winked at Mia. Mia playfully slapped her on the back, her trademark slap. ‘So there’s a bit of competition flying about whenever he’s around. Good luck is all I can say to you. Try not to allow such an obsession to consume you. Like it did me. Thankfully, Wayne never noticed. I don’t know how but he never.’ Bridget stopped talking when Wayne stood at her side.

I got the impression that there was a deeper layer to the Joshua and Mia story.

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