Goodbye Danny: Happy Birthday

Goodbye Danny: Happy Birthday

An Extract


Goodbye Danny


‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA!’ Ryan sang over the phone, the morning of April the twentieth.

‘You’re a day early. But thanks anyway.’

‘Oh really, I must’ve forgotten. So how’s everything with you? You happy?’ The way his tone changed made me question his sincerity.

‘Yes, thanks.’

‘There’s a vicious rumour flying about and I wondered if you’d clear it up for me?’

‘Oh yes? Sounds intriguing. Don’t hold back.’

‘From quite a few people I’ve heard you now belong to someone.’

‘Belong? Belong to who exactly?’

‘So you’re dating then?’

My impatience level reached its climax. ‘Ryan. Tell me. Who it is I supposedly belong to?’

‘Okay. Are you Danny’s girl?’ The way he said it made my skin itch.

‘Danny’s girl? What’s that meant to mean exactly? I’m not Danny’s girl. I don’t belong to Danny or anyone else and never will. All right? Clear enough for you, Ryan?’ An ugly snort escaped my nostrils.

‘Does that mean you aren’t dating Danny?’

‘Have you actually asked me if I’m dating Danny? No.’

‘Well, are you?’

‘If you call going out for a meal or two with the man dating then… What’s the big deal?’

‘Is that rhetorical? Because if it isn’t then suddenly you aren’t funny. Sophia, do you have any idea what that thug is capable of?’

‘Ryan. First, it’s none of your business what I do or who I see now. And second, I can handle myself quite fine, thank you very much.’

‘Sophia, please —’

‘I don’t have time for this. I have to go. Don’t call me again. Bye-bye now, Ryan.’ I slammed the receiver down, and it almost bounced back into my hand.

How dare he? Breathe, Girl, breathe. Deeply. It’s not worth it. He’s not worth getting stressed over. Forget him. Forget the conversation ever took place.

Happy Birthday to me! The day finally arrived for me to turn eighteen. What a feeling! Actually, it wasn’t much of a feeling really, but at least I was now legal for most things. Not that the law had ever stopped me before.

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