Goodbye Danny: Talk to me

Goodbye Danny: Talk to me

An Extract


Goodbye Danny

AT COLLEGE WE were given two weeks to complete an assignment on serial killers. It was returned to us today. Once again, I received top marks. Mr Scott called me back again but this time I wasn’t as friendly. Danny said that he’d probably (a probable was always a definite) arrive five minutes early to fetch me, and I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

After Mr Scott congratulated me, he said, ‘Sophia, are you okay?’

‘Yes, thank you, sir.’

‘You don’t seem your usual happy self. Are you sure —?’

‘I appreciate the concern, Mr Scott, but nothing’s wrong,’ I said, almost at the door. ‘I may be coming down with a bug. Sorry I need to go.’

‘Of course, I shan’t detain you any longer. If you ever need to talk you know where to find me. Take care of yourself, Sophia.’

I must look like a person who needs to talk all the time – My GP and now my lecturer.

As I stepped from the classroom door I glimpsed Danny marching towards the steps to the main building, heading in my direction. My heart felt like paper, crumpling into a tiny ball. I gathered pace and reached him before he moved into the corridor.

He placed hands on hips. ‘Where’ve you been?’

‘In class. The lecturer just needed to ask me a question about my returned assignment. I received top marks again. Can you believe it?’ I smiled, a feeble attempt at changing the subject.

He dropped his arms to his sides and stepped closer towards me. ‘Which lecturer was that?’

‘Danny, let’s just go, please.’ I looked around, relieved only a couple of people were hanging around the car park, not too many witnesses to a spectacle.

‘We’re not going anywhere until you answer —’

‘Mr Scott, okay.’

‘Why not tell me straightaway?’

‘Honestly, what difference does it make?’

‘It’s you, Sophia, who needs to be honest with me. Now answer this. Is something going on between you and your precious Scott?’

‘Oh for oath’s sake. He’s my lecturer. He helps all of his students with their college work. Would you have this same problem if Ms Harris kept me a few minutes after class?’

‘Has fat Harris ever kept you?’ he said, and then ordered us to go and miraculously changed the subject. Seething anger spread through me quicker than a glass over filling with water could form a puddle on a tiled floor. I had never known such persistent anger before.

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