Goodbye Danny: Pervert Boss

Goodbye Danny: Pervert Boss

An Extract


Goodbye Danny

I tried hiding my grave mood from Danny when I climbed into his car early that afternoon. He saw right through me.

‘What’s wrong, Sophia?’


‘I don’t believe it’s nothing. Whenever women say it’s nothing it’s the opposite. Besides, you’re clearly upset, Pickle. Come now, tell me what’s happened?’ Danny said, just as we pulled out of the restaurant’s car park.

‘I said, nothing, just had a tough day.’

‘So then my generalisation’s all wrong?’ He paused. I didn’t answer him. ‘Okay then,’ he persisted, ‘what happened to make your day tough?’

‘I – I had to phone a potential client but mixed up all the information and didn’t sound professional at all. Everything else went wrong from there.’

‘What did Paula say?’

‘She seemed to understand.’

‘Let me phone her and find out if everything’s okay. Ja.’

‘No! She said everything’s fine. I don’t need you to do all my dirty work for me. I can stand on my own two feet so let’s just forget about it, all right?’

‘You think I can forget about it when you’re this upset? Something’s upset you and it doesn’t make me happy seeing you like this. You know how I feel if someone upsets you.’ He paused, and briefly looked at me. ‘If it was fine, you’d not allow whatever to have this effect on you. For some reason, I don’t think it has anything to do with your work.’

Haven’t you noticed how I’ve actually been more upset because of you? I wanted to scream.

We’d stopped at a red light. Danny turned and looked at me. The light changed green. A car hooted behind us. Danny swore under his breath, pulled his middle finger up in front of the rear-view mirror, skidded off and then carried on talking.

‘Paula phoned me earlier, when out visiting a client, and couldn’t stop praising you. Why won’t you tell me exactly what’s happened? You’re acting scared and I don’t like it. If you don’t tell me then I’ll make a few phone calls and find out myself.’

‘There’s nothing for you to find out.’ I gazed out at the traffic building ahead, and felt pressure just as quickly building inside my head. ‘For once I’d just like to sort out my own problems instead of someone else doing everything for me.’

‘You’ve just admitted there’s a problem. I’m only trying to help you, Sophia. If you can’t appreciate that then I don’t know what more I can do for you.’

‘What? I can’t believe you’ve just said that. This has nothing to do with you. I know what will happen if I tell you and that’s the last thing I want because I like my job —’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Fine! I don’t care if I ever return to work again. Actually I hate it because of Joel. He asked me out and felt my butt.’

‘W-what?’ He stammered. ‘That little Jewish prick hit on you? I don’t believe this. Doesn’t he know you’re with me?’

‘How’s he supposed to know that, Danny?’

‘Everyone knows you’re mine.’

‘Please, just calm down.’

‘That’s it!’ The car screeched to a halt, Danny looked to his right, spun the car round and flew back towards the restaurant. ‘I’m going to teach that swine a lesson.’

‘Danny, you can’t. Please don’t. If he tries it again then I’ll tell him that —’

‘Do you honestly think I’m going to allow him to do it again? That little sleaze ball needs a wakeup call. Just because he owns a restaurant doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants.’

Just because you own clubs, push drugs and beat on people doesn’t mean you own the whole of Durban, I almost cried out into his face. Instead I said:

‘But it was okay for you to do it when I was going out with Ryan?’

‘What? Who’s Ryan? Oh – that’s different.’

‘How? Go on, indulge me.’

He ignored the question, parked the car and flung open the door. Before he stepped out, he ordered me not to move, slammed the car door shut and thumped down the pathway towards the restaurant’s main entrance. I watched him glance down at his watch, and then transfer his cell phone from his top shirt pocket to his back trouser pocket.

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