All shades of grey

All shades of grey


A heavy LowPro rucksack filled with Nikon camera gear, sometimes even more laden with my MacBook Pro, on my back. A bulky tripod with a ball head, almost as heavy as the bag, switching between my right and left hand, more in my left than my right. My iPhone playing “Simply The Best” personally created playlist via earphones.


A-ha-ha, a-ha-ha, Gloria, how’s it gonna go down?

Will you meet him on the main line, or will you catch him on the rebound?

Will you marry for the money, take a lover in the afternoon?

Feel your innocence slipping away, don’t believe it’s comin’ back soon


Usually, the words cheer me up. Not this time…


The rain, from a bland grey sky, bucketed down. How in the hell do I carry an umbrella with all my gear? Impossible! I grumble not so much to myself. Best I wear my three in one walking coat. Could I feel any more sorry for myself? I carry on., splashing through the puddles. At least I only had to leave at 11am, avoiding the rush in London. But London always appears to be in a rush, a constant rush-hour, no matter the time or place.


I tried to get out of it. “It’s not conducive for the external shots,” I pleaded. The rain failed at coming to my rescue. Damn you! What are you ever good for other than the Earth?! The client clearly didn’t care that I had absolutely no interest in doing the shoot today. Even though she had no idea, she clearly wasn’t interested that a flaming mouth ulcer was making agony a pleasure to experience. How much pain can a sore inside the lip bring a person?


It’s all part of the test, right?


Just get on with it and think of the goal, one step closer to achieving your goal… That’s the spirit!

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