Goodbye Danny: Slime Bucket

Goodbye Danny: Slime Bucket

An Extract


Goodbye Danny

Except for the bar staff, Danny and I were the first to arrive. At the main bar, I sat chatting with Jenny. The club filled up steadily. Jenny had to sort something out inside the office. Danny introduced me to a handful of thugs and their heavily made up blonde airheads that they called their girlfriends, acting the perfect boyfriend, the perfect public charmer. When he disappeared to sort out a scuff between two of his dealers, I looked up towards the entrance to the bar. My eyes fixed on a man standing, staring at me. Instant recognition. It felt as though someone had stabbed my vena cava with a shard of ice, the freeze filled my blood, and cold sweat bubbles popped on my forehead. The man watched me, his face grinning, smirking. Every memory of him erupted and defiled my thoughts.

A second later, smarmy Lance stood next to me. Seeing his thick, black, oily moustache again sickened me.

‘Was always hoping to see you again, sexy,’ he said in a prickly voice.

My heart hurt from beating so hard. His mottled face and lips curling into a grotesque grin clenched on my skull, stripping me of the ability to move.

‘Get away from me.’

‘Haven’t you missed me even a tad?’ He had a top left tooth missing. A new look.

My legs found movement again, and I stood up. ‘Back off.’

‘Can’t believe a woman like you is all on her own.’

‘I’m not.’

‘An invisible friend sitting next to you?’ He roared, coarsely. His spit landed on my forehead.

I wiped my forehead with four fingers. ‘Best you walk away now.’

‘Or else? Why don’t we finish where we left off?’

I felt a hand on my shoulder. ‘Finish what?’ Danny said loudly.

Lance stepped back, stumbled and nearly toppled over.

‘D-D-Danny – hi didn’t realise – so, howzit going?’ He ran fingers through his greasy mullet. ‘Haven’t seen you in a long while you look well what’s n-new?’ His face throbbed red from his runaway speech.

‘See you’ve met my Sophia. So what’s still to be finished off, my friend?’

‘N-nothing – Sophia just used to – to, well, party at Impala. That’s all.’

Danny turned to me. ‘Sophia, you okay? You look deathly pale.’

‘No. My stomach. Need the ladies.’ I dashed away from them.

I splashed water on to my face, heaving, close to vomiting. Jenny came in, and asked me if I was all right. I used the stomach excuse.

‘I noticed Lance talking to you,’ Jenny said softly. ‘Did he upset you?’

‘No. I just really don’t feel well.’

‘I wouldn’t blame you after speaking to him. He’s the biggest sleaze bucket on earth.’

‘Yes – I’d better go find Danny, and get him to take me home.’

‘If you need anything, Sophia. I’m here for you. Give me a call here anytime. I’m always here.’

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