Goodbye Danny: Live by the sword

Goodbye Danny: Live by the sword



Goodbye Danny

We returned to Ma walking slowly down the driveway, the newspaper in hand, and reading the front page. Dashy opened the gate, and Ma turned to face us.

‘Any happy news reported for a change?’ I asked.

‘No, just the usual crime – oh, what’s the name of Danny’s club?’

I took in a deep breath. ‘Why?’

‘A bouncer was beaten up after leaving Stranglers nightclub. The name sounds familiar.’

‘Yes – that’s his club. Let me see.’ I took the paper from Ma, and skimmed the small article at the bottom right-hand corner of the front page, reporting that the head bouncer from Impala is in intensive care. He’d been attacked outside his home after returning from Stranglers nightclub at three this morning. Not much else was mentioned. I felt nothing, no pain, only a deep coldness numbing my senses. I expected to shake all over, puke, collapse, and blurt something out that I shouldn’t. I did nothing. Handing the paper back to Ma, I said something about violence and a cruel world. She didn’t say anything more about Lance Hartman and his new unstable condition.

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