Goodbye Danny: Work for Me

Goodbye Danny: Work for Me



Goodbye Danny

Nick surprised us with a house-warming party, and introduced Danny to his new staff and helpers, the runners. Most of them looked thug like and had pretty plastic girlfriends. After Danny introduced me to the ones he knew, he hardly said a word to me the rest of the evening. It suited me fine because I wanted to keep a low profile and sneak off to bed early. My plan failed me, yet brought a smile to my face.

A gorgeous woman arrived late. I watched her walk and own the room. She slapped everyone on the back greeting them and laughing, her sleek black bob bouncing up at the back of her head. Nick poured her a drink and planted a lingering kiss on her lips. She gently pushed him away. While she scanned the room her eyes locked with mine, she smiled and danced over to me, as though she were waltzing with an invisible partner.

‘A fresh new face. You must be Sophia. I’m Mia, Nick’s girlfriend. Looks like you could do with a top up. Come on. Don’t be shy. They’re all a bunch of harmless buffoons, is what I learnt early on. Although I’ve only been with Nick a couple of months now. Heavenly gracious. Listen to me rambling on. Forgive me. How are you finding your latest home?’ She handed me my new strong drink.

‘It’s more than comfortable here.’ I smiled, looking around. ‘What a place.’

‘Yes, they don’t crimp on luxuries in this part of Jo’burg. Rumour has it you’re into the criminal world as well.’

‘Well, I’m studying to understand and fight their world.’

‘Highly commendable of you, Sophia. We have something in common, would you believe.’ Her eyes the colour of blue ice; sleek black hair with ice-blue eyes were definitely a striking combination.

‘So I’ve heard. Your own private detective business?’

‘You’ve heard correctly! So, what will you be doing with your time in this wonderful crime-ridden city?’

‘Haven’t really thought much about it. Maybe find a college and carry on with my degree. Or —’

‘Come and work for me. Danny said that he’d mention it to you.’

‘He did, but I’m not fully qualified.’

‘Didn’t you know, Sophia, it’s who you know rather than what you know these days? If it wasn’t for sleeping with my boss and making him fall for me I’d never have my own business now.’

‘Really? You slept with your boss and —’

‘Only kidding. Took over my uncle’s business. So no seediness involved. Umm, quite the gullible one. Still innocent. I like it.’

‘It must be this vodka. Gone straight to my head…’

‘Well recovered. So, you’ll work for me?’

‘I’d love to. What exactly will —?’

‘Assisting me. Don’t worry, I’ll show you all you need to know in a matter of days. It’ll be fun. If you don’t enjoy it by the end of your first week you can leave immediately. No hard feelings. But I don’t doubt for a second you’ll ever want to leave. You’ll love it as much as I do, as much as we all do. It’ll open your eyes to a lot and when you return to college you’ll be flying. Or perhaps you won’t want to return. This work experience will have you hooked. Trust me.’

‘When do I start?’

‘That’s the spirit.’ She placed her arm around my waist. A heated shiver ran up my spine. A heated shiver never before experienced from the touch of a woman. ‘How about next Monday? Give yourself time to settle, shop, explore. Sophia, are you okay?’ She looked deep into my eyes with her crystals.

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