Do all men have to be taught?

Do all men have to be taught?

“You know writer man? The —”


“The one that should burn everything he writes, you mean?”


She laughs. “He claims to have all these feelings for me but hasn’t even bothered to comment on the rest of my photos, other than the couple on the blog link I’d sent him.”


“Please oh please, do me this one favour. Don’t waste any more of your precious time with him, and don’t even tell him why you’re not going to respond. Just say, ‘This will never work for me!” And end it. Move on. You owe it to yourself.”


“You know, this happened with my ex too. Whenever I’d sent him photographs of special moments, moments that meant so much to me he’d reply – the exact reply every bloody time: ‘Thank you for sending me this you are so clever and talented. X’ It drove me mad. And I let him know it, and I didn’t care how harsh I was.”


“Did he ever treat you like a child? I suppose at his age that’s to be expected. And I bet he changed after that! But that’s the point. He’s only doing it because you told him to.”


“It appears I have to do this with every man that supposedly desires me. Look at Mr CEO angel-funds guru, he too doesn’t bother to dig deep, just words… ‘Oooh, I have such strong feelings for you…’ Utter bullshit!”


“A man has one brain cell. One brain, and it’s not in his head. When you accept this you will understand men better. Some are better than others, of course. And you are looking for the best out of the rubbish. He’s out there. You just need patience.”


“Blah blah blah.” She vigorously shakes her head.


“Stop looking and he will find you!”



The thing is if you had sent me a link to something you created, something that means a lot to you – perhaps you had your own writing website (something I have too, but don’t worry I’d never send you the link) – I’d take all the necessary time out to explore it and absorb every word to learn more about you, absorb everything you have put out there… And then ask questions. This to me is truly getting to know a person, getting to know if you want a future with them. Because what else is there. As I’ve mentioned to you before, I am not here to mess around. I know exactly what I want and if the search takes me longer than most then so be it. I am prepared for the journey, as I know it will be worth it when it’s found.


I thought I’d let you know so that the next time you meet a woman you say you felt a connection with, you actually get to show them it’s meaningful to you. I’m laughing now because while doing that creative writing course I told you about the tutors kept saying, “show and not tell”…


I’d better get back to working…


All the best!


PS: I don’t expect to hear from you again.

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