Is it only South Africans or rather people in South Africa that accept mediocrity when dining out? Why are restaurateurs complacent and don’t ‘manage’ properly?


We all dine at restaurants for many different reasons, and the reasons I would eat out include the following: a treat, romantic date, a place to meet friends, convenience, eat delicious and well-prepared food, sample unique food, eat food that one wouldn’t normally prepare at home. It all depends what mood I am in, and if I want to share a new experience with someone special in my life.


For the last three months, since my return to South Africa, I’ve been venturing to new and unique places and returning to places that hold many fond memories. The majority of the places I’ve dined at were of average experience, including both the service and food.


How did we survive without Trip Advisor? I usually post all my experiences on such a wide-reaching platform and it astounds me that most of the restaurateurs ignore the invaluable criticism posted by their patrons especially here in South Africa.


I know that I can make everything I’ve eaten from the mid-range restaurants, and some dishes would probably be tastier. My homemade vegan burgers are better than what’s served at The Pot & Kettle, Valley of a Thousand Hills. Would you pay for the largest bun you’ve ever seen wrapped around a tiny hash brown, smothered in fried onions?


We both ordered the vegetarian burger with wedges and a sauce and we received the largest bun with a tiny hash brown in the middle of it smothered in onions. The heart of the burger was missing. The garlic sauce and massive wedges were good but to pay R64.00 for starch wasn’t what either of us had expected.


Upon querying it with the waiter, he apologised on the chef’s behalf and said he’d check because it should have been a McCain veg patty. A frozen McCain veg patty? When he returned to settle the bill, he never volunteered any information and by that stage, we’d lost complete interest.

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