‘This is my own, my native land’

‘This is my own, my native land’

“I think about you often,’ her friends says, ‘miss you and the banter awfully.”


“Being here without you is hard on my heart. That’s one of the reasons I’m leaving. If only we could work together again.”


“It’s difficult when you have to be with someone that doesn’t share the same sense of humour, the same joys. I’ve never met anyone like you – no one has ever got me to change my entire lifestyle.”


“So, how’s the healthy regime going?”


“People are amazed and they want to meet you, they want to meet the woman who’s managed to get me in to shape. Can I pass on your book? – everyone wants it.”


“Really? No! Perhaps I should try and market it and sell it.”


“I have at least 15 that would buy it from you this instant! Do it. You know me and my big mouth; I’ll get you thousands.” She laughs.


“You’ve now inspired me to get a website together and finally put that book out there. With you as an ambassador, it would go far. Royalties for your efforts?”


“Seriously, go for it. The world is yours to have and behold! Any further news about that entrepreneur position?”


“I didn’t go for the interview.”


“What happened?”


“I’m not ready to commit right now… to something here. I need to go home during the winter. I am truly affected by this weather.”


“Aren’t we all!”


“Yes, but at least I don’t have to stay. Why am I here? This is not my home.”


“Home is where your heart is! ‘Be there a man with soul so dead who never to himself hath said: This is my own, my native land.’ You need to be at home, you will rebuild your inner self there, stronger than it is now.”


“I know. It’s the only place I need to be again.”


“It’s never good to stay away from your roots too long! I meant what I said sincerely.


I know how it affected me when I was young, so I would add, especially when you’re young!”


“I can easily do from April until November here… But not during the winter, during the cold, long nights. I did it for 11 years and was absolutely miserable, but I stayed for the passport. I had a goal.”


“Now you came back because of a man, which didn’t work out – thank God! You’d have been a nurse before your 50th birthday. Thank your stars you got off lightly there.”


“And I haven’t met anyone here that blows my mind…”


“And boy, have you met a few! Truly, I think you need a South African man. If I had my life to live again, I’d want to be beside my parents when bringing up my children. Not that I regret my boys and how it all went, I just know it would’ve been better to have been near my parents when I faced everything. It was facing it alone and that depleted me.


They hugged each other, gripped each other tightly.


“Now, go home; go with all my blessings and love, I will miss you. If you come back in April, I want to be there working with you. You bring me so much joy!”


“If I come back I’ll only want to work with you!”


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