Reasons to visit Mauritius

Reasons to visit Mauritius

Does one need any reasons to visit an island of unparalleled beauty?


I came across a link to a blog on Mauritius today and couldn’t help but form my own list after it transported me back to the unforgettable bliss experienced almost two years ago.


My list comprises of the following…


  1. Skinny dipping at twilight
  2. Swimming in warm, clear sea both morning and afternoon
  3. Inspiration for creating white-hot stories
  4. Inspiration for mind-body-blowing role-play
  5. Be as free to explore minds, bodies and hearts
  6. The best virgin pina-coladas with extra ginger and safe-sex on the beach
  7. Fine dining by starlight
  8. Lying on pristine beaches under the stars after dinner
  9. Photographing stunning surroundings
  10. Fine art nude photography on secluded islands
  11. Treated like royalty, tables set up on beach sand and every whim taken care of
  12. Learn to give the best massages imaginable
  13. Receive the best massages dreamed of
  14. Exploding passion and…
  15. Snorkeling
  16. Exploring towns in extreme heat and shuttles stopping to pick you up, to save you from sunstroke
  17. Walking to and around towns and then riding a boat back
  18. Watching local fishermen with their families catch your dinner
  19. The fastest and most erotic plane journey both to and from the destination
  20. Feeling as though you are the only two on this Earth
  21. Worry one: what divine food to eat
  22. Worry two: at which restaurant to eat the food above
  23. Worry three: not missing breakfast after lazing and pleasuring each other in bed all morning
  24. Not interacting with another being other than hospitable staff
  25. Feeling the most relaxed and at peace you’ve ever felt in under 24 hours of arrival


What would you want to experience whilst experiencing a pleasure overload on an exotic island? Just the word exotic creates a flood of memories and …


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