Beyond comprehendible

Beyond comprehendible

How can some people not think, not force themselves to think before they blurt out whatever is poisoning their little brains? Is it because they don’t care, have ulterior motives and actually want to upset people or could it be something worse than that – they actually are without common sense? She cannot imagine being without common sense. Of course she’s ignored the bludgeoning sense on many occasion and came off second best; however, she’s always had it and that counts for a great deal.


She lost control today at work, again.  Two days in a row it has happened, she has permitted it to happen, allowed a colleague to upset her. She has socialised outside of work with this colleague. Kim, this colleague, introduced her to Gary, the man she is currently dating. They have got on; more so when they have been with their partners, a cute foursome, out for dinner, at a show. But at work, it is another story.


Sitting in an open plan office, another colleague in between them, surrounded by men, Kim brought up a person she knows through her church, her husband’s friend, a friend of her boyfriend. “Nandi’s changed so much since I introduced you to Gary.” This is not the first time she says this to her. “She really doesn’t like me for it.”


“Oh really; what has she said? How do you know that’s the reason?”


“What other reason could it be? She said so much – I left feeling scathed. But I can’t tell you.”


“Why can’t you tell me?”


“No, it’s horrid. Just forget it.”


This conversation is taking place while others are trying to work, work around them. She didn’t think about this, neither of them thought about it.


Laughter from another colleague, one of the men. “How can you say that?” he says. “You have to tell us all now.” More booming laughter.


She agrees with him. Kim does not agree, will never agree, and instead carries on making out how mysterious all of this is. Of course, this angers her further. What is the point in her bringing this to her attention? Why is she allowing it to upset her?


“What, did something happen between her and Greg?” she asks.


“That’s what she’s saying.”


“But what is she saying exactly?”


“I can’t say,” Kim says.


Is this conversation truly taking place? Is this happening in the real world?


“Doesn’t Nandi know by now that Greg would never be interested in her. She is LDS (Latter-day Saints) – he went with her to one meeting and would never go again, has never gone with her again. Even if she wasn’t LDS he wouldn’t be with her. How does she not know this?”


“Okay; let’s just drop it.”


The next day, toward its end, while Kim is packing up to leave the office, she says to her, amongst the same colleagues that heard it all yesterday: “You were really nasty to me yesterday.”


She swivels in her chair, to face her square on and says: “I was? How so?”


“You really ridiculed me and my religion.”


“I never did anything of the sort.” She pauses, thinks about this, their conversation of yesterday. “It was about another LDS, not you.” She looks to her colleague, the one trying to bite his tongue and keep his snigger to himself. “Did I ridicule her religion?”


“Not in the least,” he says, shaking his head. “I know exactly what you said.” He repeats it verbatim.


Kim then quietly states that Nandi said she slept with Gary.


“Oh but Gary exclaims something completely different. So one of them is lying.”


“Yes, one of them must be.”


What about you, could you be lying? she does not have it in her heart to say this, she was brought up with good manners, to not say it out loud.


She leaves the office with her mobile phone in her hand, hand clutching the phone. “Hi,” she says to Gary over the phone, “have you spoken to Nandi today at all?” He had said last night that he should call her soon, today even.


“No, I haven’t gotten around to it. Is everything okay?”


“Well… I don’t know about that. Another interesting conversation with Kim and I need you to clear something up – have you been intimate with Nandi?”


“No, not at all. Hold on a minute…”


A heated discussion evolves, and then he says he will call Nandi. He phones her back straight afterwards and confirms that Nandi didn’t say anything of the sort about him or anyone else to anyone.


Either Kim or Nandi is lying.


She knows exactly who she’ll put her bets on…


Buy why? Why would anyone want to cause trouble between friends and lovers and churchgoers?


It’s beyond comprehendible.

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