The only being

The only being

Except for the dull amber glow of the street lamp behind me some distance away, darkness envelopes me.

I look up into the inky sky and stars glint even a greater distance away.

Whites of the waves, before they crash upon the shore, can only just be seen.

The breaths of air cause my hair to swirl over my face, in every direction and bring with it the smell of fire, wood burning, drowning out the salty sea aroma.

There is something exhilarating about being the only soul on the beach at night, after a long day at work filled with challenges that at times feel insurmountable.

I don’t feel unsafe, threatened in any way. I am aware that this isn’t always the responsible way to feel but sometimes resistance is futile when it comes to such pleasure.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What have I truly got to lose?”

If you can be honest with yourself and reflect on the meaning of life then the answer will be, “Absolutely nothing!”

You arrived with nothing and you will leave in the exact same way. Of course, there is striving for happiness, doing your best and helping those less fortunate in between obligations, to make “your” world a better place.

A quiet beach, among many other things, make my world a better place.

The cool sand is refreshing between my toes and over my bare legs after the scalding heat throughout the day.

How am I the only being on this beach? Perhaps it is not something a woman on her lonesome should do after all…

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