No More!

No More!

It is mind-blowing how in four days – after I’d posted my last blog, from my lover, expressing undying love – everything can change.


On the 22 August, my last words to my lover…



I think it would be best if we do not communicate until something changes in your life if it ever will.


I don’t know.


I don’t know how to feel.


But I am going to do everything to get myself back, in time.


It is all torture.


I want it to end.


This is the only way.


I cannot be there for you if you cannot be there for me.


I almost have nothing left, and I need to get it back.


I read in my journal last night…



29th January… I cannot take much more of this distance. I want and need us to be together…



Almost 7 months later and nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing.


The more has reached its limit.


I kept warning you.


So, this can’t be a surprise.


Just more agony and frustration because there is absolutely nothing you can do. Which I disagree with and that was the final straw for me.


I’d suggested many times to come over and be with you during this time. This is what I needed. But you rejected me, blaming something – the stress you’re going through or whatever.

It was always when it suited you to visit me. But know that there always comes a time… A time when enough is enough.


No more.


What else?


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