Feelings of Liberation

Feelings of Liberation

Last night I spoke to my lover about an author and read an excerpt over the phone to him that had turned me on the night before. It was what society would term a homosexual experience; however, the character had only ever before been intimate with women. Charles Bukowski writes whatever is in his brain and doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks. He even told the publishing house not to change his grammatically incorrect writing because that’s how he wrote and if they didn’t want it as is then don’t publish it. He wrote it for himself: to capture his life so he wouldn’t forget it when he was an old man.


I want to return to the term, ‘society’. Society does not appreciate people who speak their minds; it upsets society, society can’t handle the truth. What a sensitive world we live in!  But they happily dish it out, okay to dish but not receive.


Now, I have decided that I am no longer going to worry about what I write or how to phrase things – unless someone I love specifically requests me not to, which I will respect at all times. However, there are subjects I have not wanted to broach in case I offend someone. Or in case someone gets upset knowing what’s happened to me or what I have gone through. But it is all personal – it is all life experience that has happened, in the past. I have survived. It’s helped build my character. I cannot imagine being anything else.


If you don’t like what you’re reading – and your mind is not open enough to receive everything – then move on.


It is beyond simple.


Oh how feelings of liberation are engulfing me this second, and setting my thoughts free.

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