Hungry For …

Hungry For …

She desires for a man to teach her.


An older man doesn’t mean he can teach a thing. If he learns nothing about what truly matters then how can anything be taught, passed on to another?


Wisdom isn’t always associated with age; age doesn’t always go hand in hand with being wise.


Just as a young person that has experienced life-changing moments can be wise. And vice-versa, indeed.


But of course it all depends on the individual and what means the most to a person.


Eyes need to be opened at all times. This should be her tattoo, in less words, if she ever had the desire for one.


He needs her to open his eyes – to embrace life, passion, creativity – EVERYTHING.


She needs it returned, for him to do things for her too. They are different things but they are needs that deserve satisfying. It is her right.


She has always heard a relationship is a two-way partnership. It still applies. No matter how much the heart is involved.


No matter what you tell someone, no matter how much energy you put in to trying to teach they won’t understand until it truly matters and often that happens when it is too late.


When hindsight will suddenly feature the greatest in one’s life, and it will be merciless.

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