Drinking the Blood of Rhino Poachers Cures HIV/AIDS

Drinking the Blood of Rhino Poachers Cures HIV/AIDS

This message spoke right to me and I had to share it.



A man, an unfamiliar name, I did not recognise requested to be my friend on Facebook. Naturally, I looked him up (turns out I do know him – from school days…he’d just packed on the fat). And there the words speared through my heart.


A compulsion suddenly gnawed at my brain; I had to share these words. The urgency too potent to set aside for next time.


I typed the words into Google.


It led me to an article:


‘Farmers have been known to boast of taking the law into their own hands and gunning down poachers they find on their land, while stickers that say things like “Drinking the blood of rhino poachers cures HIV/AIDS” are an increasingly common sight in the back windscreens of cars on the streets of Cape Town.


‘But are such attitudes in any way productive? As well-meaning as many individuals and groups may be in their quest to save one of Africa’s oldest and most revered beasts, their angry reaction often renders them blind to the social issues and legacies that have helped South Africa become so fertile for poachers in the first place. Like Mary Shelley’s Dr Victor Frankenstein, South Africa must consider the role it has had to play in creating this monster it now finds itself so repulsed by.


‘At the heart of the problem – as is so often the case in a country still struggling to convincingly cast off the shackles of apartheid – are longstanding geographical, social and economic divides. In fact, even some decades before the institutionalised segregation of apartheid, the former British administration had used a similar method to create many of South Africa’s present-day National Parks, a method that would later come to be known as “fortress conservation” or, perhaps more appropriately, “apartheid conservation”…’


The above article was written during December 2012. How have things changed? More rhinos have been poached. It has progressively worsened.


The following stats paint an interesting image…





Because the government would rather spend our money on their wives – to ensure peace within their homes?


Because the government is using our money to save innocent children that are born HIV positive?


Because the government is educating school children about HIV to stop it from being the endemic disease it is?


Because the government is spending the money on those with HIV by getting IVs to them as soon as possible each month?



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