I spotted the speeding car too late while holding the sodden, brown cardboard over me, my hair damp and flat against my head as the rain poured down from the black, angry sky.


“Fuck!” I shouted as the water from a giant puddle in the gutter splashed over me as a Suzuki Jimny sped by.


“Toy cars shouldn’t even be on the bloody road!” I muttered to myself. “Damn you!” I cursed at the driver. I was wet before but now completely soaked to the bone; my shoes squelching with my feet slipping inside them, feeling as though more water flowed beneath my clothes now than on the surface.


Forked lightning suddenly streaked through the sky directly above like a stroboscope followed by a loud clap of thunder that reverberated through me. The rain beat down insistently on the tarred road and pavement.


I threw the now useless cardboard canopy into a nearby bin and noticed that the Jimny had stopped just ahead, its brake lights a shocking red. The white reverse lights blinked on as the offending car reversed in a jagged line towards me. I paid close attention to the vehicle, unsure as to what was going to happen next. Was I in danger? Perhaps.


I stepped back stiffly from the kerb, stood stock-still and watched the driver’s electric window ease down as a young woman revealed a grin as bright as the lightning.


“Just checking you didn’t drown,” she chuckled, “I simply couldn’t resist the puddle but honestly, I didn’t see you.” She giggled a laugh as infectious as could be. My irritation and annoyance melted like ice in a furnace. “I’ve only just bought this car and it’s the first time I’ve had a…” Bang! Another bolt of lightning and a simultaneous thunderclap illuminated the sky. “…shit! I mean, chance to drive it in the rain.”


I wiped my wet hair and my face to try and make myself presentable. “Well it absolutely soaked me,” I said. “I was walking to that shop by the garage to buy a towel and umbrella. I need to clean – rather dry – up before my next appointment. I’ll need at least two towels now.”


“Jump in, I’ll give you a lift – the least I can do,” she said, leaning over to open the passenger door from the inside.


She was wearing a tight, light blue top and a dark skirt. Her hair was tied back in a bun and her eyes sparkled, cornflower blue.


I climbed in and sat gingerly on the seats.


“Don’t worry,” she said. “The seats will dry in the sun tomorrow.”


With a thumping heart, I looked into those blue eyes and didn’t care how soaked she’d made me. She looked back, blinking, smiling.


“Are you ok?” she asked in a slightly serious way, cocking her head to one side with the tiniest of smiles playing at the corner of her lips.


“I will be when I get out of these wet clothes,” I replied. “I… er… I mean… er…” Suddenly I felt flustered, even sweaty.


“Perhaps you should wait until you at least get your new towels,” she gave me another one of her thousand-megawatt smiles and gripped the leather covered gear knob with her left hand.


Beautiful teeth, I thought to myself, sharp incisors too; I bet her tongue is as sharp when required!


“Actually, I’ve got plenty of towels at my place. Buckle up!” she instructed and without saying another word, she thrust the car into first gear, spun us around, turned right and sped up the hill forcing me back in my seat. She jumped as I sneezed loudly, cupping my face in my hands. “Bless you!” she said.


“Are you religious?” I asked.


She chuckled. “Is that a problem?”


“Well, are you?” I insisted.


“Are you?” she replied.


“What do you think?”


“Maybe, but then again maybe not.”


Fuck, I thought – this woman could be difficult at times. Maybe she’s a lawyer … or a priest? I looked for a tell-tale crucifix in the car but couldn’t see one, only an empty pack of Chuckles in the tray by the gear stick.


The car swung through the grey security gates just missing a post as she gave a cheery wave to the guard. “You look very wet, miss,” the guard said as she wound down the window to say hello.


“I am but not as wet as my friend,” she said, driving into the carport and stopping with a jerk just inches before the wall.


Friend, I thought, not a stranger.


We both stepped out of the car and I followed her obediently as she beckoned me up the tiled stairs to her flat. I couldn’t remove my eyes from her backside as it swayed from left to right in the tight black skirt that hugged it perfectly. I jogged to keep up with her whilst spying her toned legs, ripped calves, petite ankles and tanned feet encased in leather strappy sandals.  I shivered with excitement, the cold no longer with me yet the hairs were standing up on the back of my neck and my mouth dry.


At the top of the stairs, she turned around quite deliberately to face me. Did she know what my eyes had been feasting on? She must know. A woman like her must know, it must happen to her all the time and probably bores her. She would miss the attention though if she didn’t get it but that’s as unlikely as an eagle swimming breaststroke.


“I moved in a couple of months ago,” she said smiling as she firmly inserted the key into the lock and swung open the dark, wooden front door. “Come in.”


To be continued…

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