A Rush of Warmth

A Rush of Warmth

While cradling the babies, oldest 7-months, at Baby Hope House this morning, I listened to an incredibly emotional story that put everything into perspective for me.


A gogo (grandmother, isiZulu) living in a township, Drummond area, worried when she found out that at least 10 babies and children were being locked up inside the house while their parents went out to look for work.


It distressed her so much that she did something about it, and within a month she opened up her home to these children, to the jobless parents, and is running an all-day crèche, at no charge.


A social worker – from the Pinetown area, who recently collected an abandoned baby that was discovered in a rubbish bin, within the area where gogo had started this amazing work – immediately learned of gogo’s selfless act and has since organised sponsorship, which is now flooding in. This loving gogo also runs a soup kitchen for the homeless.


It brought a rush of warmth, a bubbling heat to my heart, and has inspired me to work fewer hours and help the underprivileged more – do something that will make a difference to lives that truly are in need.


I relayed the story to my mom and she reminded me of how her housekeeper worries endlessly about her 7-year-old grandchild walking home alone after school, and staying on his own until she returns home from her day’s work of cleaning another person’s house – as they cannot afford to put him in afterschool care.


To all the people that go out of their way and make a difference to those who have nothing, you are all remarkable individuals that can never be thanked and appreciated enough.

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