My New Beach-Bush-Villa

My New Beach-Bush-Villa

No one seems to understand why I would want a bush theme whilst living very near to an ocean.


Someone said: “It should be beach cottage style, not bush lodge style.” I asked why and that someone said that it is because no one wants to go to the ocean and be confused about where they should be. “But,” I said, “it is only me that’s living there.” Oh, well, but still… Not much of a discussion left, it quickly became apparent.


Another said: “You have to be different!” I said: “I am different! We’re all different.” “You know what I mean!” “No, I don’t know what you mean.” That was the end of that conversation.


Think African. Think luxury. Think ocean. Think of the three together in a superbly unpretentious way!


Now think irresistibly dreamy, rustic and decadent.


Is your imagination running wild, far away from you?


I will never forget when I became fully conscious – like what I imagine a lightning bolt hitting your skin would feel like – of the inspiring, healing, comforting effects of nature in all its supremacy; where your eyes and suddenly soak up, drink the pleasures of life – as if you’ve been doing it all your life…


And when I come home from a hard day’s work I want to feel so happy that it will feel as if I’ve just visited a place of desirable sin that is warm, inviting and inspiring.


This is my chance to make my place scream out Cressida Pride loves life and appreciates every waking moment!


If I had my way, in an ideal world, I’d have everything customised.


I can’t wait any longer to move into my beach-bush-villa! Safari-style lodge at the Indian Ocean.


I should have everything in my name by the end of the month… It cannot happen soon enough.

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